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​These questions may help you to decide if you think you are one of us:
  • Are you obsessed with your weight and size?
  • Are you constantly frightened of eating too much?
  • Do you have periods where you try not to eat at all?
  • Do you try to stick to rigid eating regimes?
  • Do you go on eating binges?
  • Do you put your life on hold while waiting to reach your ideal weight or size?
  • Do you throw up after eating?
  • Do you abuse laxatives?
  • Do you engage in excessive exercise?
  • Do you eat in secret?
  • Do you comfort eat?
  • Do you have feelings of guilt and remorse after eating?
  • Do you suffer from food cravings?
  • Despite many failures do you continue to believe that you will change your shape or size by controlling your eating?
  • Do you think your life will be better if your weight and size changes?
  • Do you constantly plan to eat less?
  • Do the weighing scales dictate your mood?
  • Do you find yourself eating again when you had planned not to?
  • Despite well-intentioned advice, do you still find yourself unable to diet?
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