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What to Expect from a Meeting

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we are holding regular virtual meetings through Zoom.

Please email @ for details.

In Person Meetings

Meetings are about one hour long.  You will be made most welcome.  All you need to attend a meeting is a desire to stop the obsession with weight, size and eating.

At meetings, members share their experience of the illness and their recovery.  We read from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) literature.  Members are always available to talk one-to-one and to guide you through the Steps.  OEA is not affiliated with any religion and, for each person, their understanding of a Higher Power is their own choice.

Anonymity is an important principle of our Fellowship.  This means that you are promised personal anonymity when you attend meetings and we request that you do the same for us.

We are financially self-supporting and there are no fees or subscriptions - members give what they can at meetings.

We recommend that you give yourself the opportunity to experience 5 or 6 meetings before making a decision about becoming a member

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